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Cast & Crew

Luigi Mezzanotte 
as Mistress, Barnabas, K., Bürgel  

Irene Gianeselli
screenplay and direction

Giose Brescia
Director of Photography

Sara Porfido


(Cristiana Berardini)


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K., the land surveyor, the man who measures the World, relives the nightmare and the dream, the obsession of full life and the ambition of a dignified death always denied in the non-linear plot of rules, laws and social obligations. Inspired by Franz Kafka's “Das Schloß” (1926) this adaptation chooses four archetypal characters to show in action: Mistress, Barnabas and Bürgel in addition to the protagonist K. who absorbs and impersonates them by shifting the limit of his identity in an increasingly challenging game. Klamm - who represents the illusion of being able to reach the power - and the beautiful Frieda - who’s the pure and vain love - are only evoked by the passion and frustrated ambitions of the protagonist. Luigi Mezzanotte acts the bewilderment of humanity that faces the World and History. The same humanity is condemned to eternal repetition and to the “eternal return” of its defeat in a mysterious and ancestral space which is seductive and full of promises for an eternal golden and inaccessible summer.

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K. chases himself, he hovers and he is part of the stones. He nourishes his solitude evoking encounters, clashes and voices. He spies from the lock on the power room and he is excluded from it. Someone else decides for him, for his love, passion, and vocation. All his effort is in the documents. The despair, frustration and at the same time the deep vital exuberance of the character are redeemed, paradoxically, precisely in the condemnation itself: K. is always ready to start all over again, he is waiting for us out of the dream to remake the nightmare and the awakening together.

Irene Gianeselli