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Crew & cast

original screenplay and direction: Irene Gianeselli

director of photography: Giose Brescia

editor: Sara Porfido


music and soundtrack by Irene Gianeselli


Alma diletta (Beloved)

is performed by Irene Gianeselli (voice and piano)
arranged by Irene Gianeselli, Valerio Rivieccio
produced by Irene Gianeselli, Valerio Rivieccio (Kurs Studio)

Released on: 2022-11-21

artist(poster): Cristiana Berardini


A young woman goes through her own loneliness, reconstructing the sense of the bond with her land and with love. Perhaps it is she, Cecilia Capace Minutolo - the Princess of Squinzano and poetess who in 1699 at the age of 18 married Giovanni Enriquez Marquis of Campi Salentina – who returns to the places of her life. But his time cannot be reconciled both with the story that seems suspended and with the apparent immobility that agitates the olive trees sick with Xylella. 
The wind of the exhausted summer marks the unresolved passage of love between the churches and the votive shrines on the side of the streets that listen to a new and ancient song lost in a tear.


The love story between Cecilia Capece Minutolo and her husband is emotional: from the end of 1600 we receive her  “Odes" in memory of the lost husband. A kind of verses full of a sacred and high sense of love which, lived in this way, seems to be an irreconcilable feeling with our time. The fall of our tenderness as human beings lies into the violence that returns and increases its abandonments, in the past that we could not or did not want to elaborate and for this reason has no peace, and in the environmental disaster that phagocytes sick trees and people. But we can still dream, we don't know for how long, and if cinema is a dream, then at least in this space we should look our voice to take a stand against the refusal of the past and the loss of meaning. 
We can still choose a love that resembles us and that takes our hand even and above all when we limp in the street.

Irene Gianeselli

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